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garcinia cambogia extract: on Mar 11, 2014

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Yofa: on Jul 24, 2014

I really liked this book and diet. I am 37, eriecxse 5 times a week (an hour each time) and still couldn't loose my muffin top so I decided to try this diet. I have now been on it 3 weeks and have lost 6 lbs and and inch off my waist. True, this diet does adhere to the things you should be sticking to anyway portion control, more vegetables and whole grains. But I think where it is really successful is educating you on all the sodium in foods; especially processed. This is a low sodium diet and I can tell you from experience the anti bloating really has made a difference for me. You could also describe it as more of a natural diet .. or maybe Mediterannean diet is a better word.. getting rid of all that processed crap available in stores that say it's lo-cal/low fat but full of other stuff you shouldn't really be eating anyway (like sodium).They do recommend some brands of things that are hard to find, but it tells you in the book how to substitute as long as it has similar ingredients and calories. The diet can be a little pricey to start with lots of nuts and so forth.. but they last a long time so your not buying them every week. I purchased mine at BJ's and Trader Joes where they are cheaper. I'm sure if you stopped buying all the other stuff (chips, dips,sauces, etc) the cost would probably even out.I find this diet is really successful for me because it's not very restrictive, so I know I can stick to it and really simple to follow.If you are considering buying this book, I found the pocket book a bit more helpful with the food menu's, recipes and shopping. The cookbook is also good. So maybe just get this one from the library and actually buy the pocket guide.It worked for me anyway hope you found this helpful.PS. I have tried South Beach and it was really successful for me too.. but I couldn't stick to it in the long run.. too restrictive. I have also tried WWatchers and found that successful also, but I find this one more of a healthy, natural diet.PSS. Anyone who is trying this diet.. be sure to try a good balsamic vinegar, salsa verde, and salt free Mrs. Dash All add tons of flavor with little to no calories! (Trader Joe's Avocado salsa verde is great in the fridge section)Good luck!

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